Murkowski Ad: "I Won't Abandon My Principles!"

Posted: Sep 22, 2010 9:26 AM
Not nearly as painful to watch as her brutal web dud we dealt with on Monday, but just as offensive:

Ooh, a bold assertion: "I will not abandon my principles." And what might those be, Lisa?  The principle that you, and you alone, are uniquely qualified to hold the Senate seat bestowed upon you in an infamous act of nepotism?

You also have to admire Murkowski's chutzpah when she informs viewers that "Alaskans have spoken," which she proceeds to float as her primary excuse for this ego-driven electoral misadventure.  Yes, Lisa, Alaskans have spoken.  May I remind you exactly what they said?

Alas, there's cause for agitation, dear readers.  Senate Republicans are stripping Murk of her seniority on the Energy Committee--a major cold shoulder by Senate standards, and she's getting clobbered in the polls.  But by all means, please keep blowing cash on these ads, Senator.  Your lobbyist donors deserve to have every cent of their money flushed down the toilet, and Joe Miller's November victory will be that much sweeter when he beats you...again.