Fiorina Fires Back

Posted: Sep 16, 2010 1:51 PM
Senator M'am takes a swing at Carly Fiorina, and Team Carly punches back:

This is a strong retort to Boxer's class warfare demagoguery.  If she wants to carp endlessly about Fiorina's time running an international corporation, Fiorina is more than happy to have that discussion, but Boxer better be prepared to defend her own meager record.

This web ad underscores the economic desperation facing many Californians (40 percent unemployment in 16 cities), and contrasts it with Boxer's cushy, tax-payer funded affluence.  As I pointed out last week, many Californians would likely be chagrined to learn that Boxer has become a millionaire on their dime, especially when they consider the disappointing ROI she's demonstrated.