What's Missing in Boxer's New Ad?

Posted: Sep 14, 2010 11:24 AM
An intriguing and fun pop quiz via the San Francisco Chronicle's (brave) in-house conservative, Debra Saunders: What two words are missing from this new Barbara Boxer ad?

Answer here.

Incidentally, I love the LA Times' headline about the ad: "Boxer's First TV Ad Aims to Reintroduce Her To Californians."  I think they meant "reinvent."

UPDATE: Team Fiorina dissects the ad in a thorough fact check.  My favorite part: Reminding voters that Boxer was one of only 12 Senators in 2003 to vote against the $87 Billion Iraq/Afghanistan war supplemental, which funded body armor for US troops, among other things.  I seem to recall another Senator who famously voted for the $87 Billion....before he voted against it.