AK Sen: Murkowski Weighing Write-In Effort

Posted: Sep 09, 2010 12:18 AM
We may find out later today if Sen. Lisa Murkowski will launch a last ditch write-in effort to retain her Senate seat.  Murkowski conceded the Republican primary race in Alaska to Joe Miller on August 31, but has remained tight-lipped about her intentions moving forward.  Rumors of a Libertarian Party run percolated for days, but appear to have dried up, leaving Team Murkowski with few options.  Winning a major statewide office through a write-in campaign is virtually unheard of, but merely trying could make enough of an impact to scorch a rival candidate in a competitive race.

Murkowski herself has strongly hinted at a desire to press forward, telling the media, "I'm no quitter."  In this case, though, she didn't quit--she was fired by the voters of her party.  If she decides to pull a Charlie Crist, expect an entertaining and bitter food fight between Murkowski (defended at every turn no doubt, by Democratic nominee Scott McAdams) and the NRSC.  Guest star: Sarah Palin. 

As Joe Miller's press secretary told me last week, his overwhelming preference is that Murkowski will be a team player, put her ego aside, and rally around the party pick.  We'll know if she intends to play ball or go rogue very soon.

(Check out Jillian's interview with Miller here).

UPDATE: Sounds like Mitch McConnell's ready to play hardball.