Will Lisa Murkowski Endorse Joe Miller?

Guy Benson
Posted: Sep 02, 2010 7:56 AM
That's the question of the hour in Alaska, where Rasmussen's latest poll pegs Tea Party favorite and freshly-minted GOP nominee Joe Miller ahead of his Democratic opponent by a relatively meager 6 points.  Politico notes that Murkowksi has thus far failed to throw her support behind Miller, although she hasn't declined to do so either.  It just hasn't happened yet, and her campaign's official word on the subject has been "no comment."  (Several calls and emails to the Murkowski campaign from Townhall were not returned).

We did catch up with Miller's press secretary, Randy DeSoto, who says he "is hopeful [Murkowksi] will get on board at the appropriate time."  He repeatedly stressed that any potential endorsement timetable would be Murkowski's call. "It's whenever she feels there's been enough time between the primary result and the general election, which obviously for us, started Tuesday night," he said.

Democratic nominee Scott McAdams has already made overtures toward Murkowksi's supporters by issuing a statement praising her "class act" decision to concede gracefully by "putting Alaska first." McAdams also sniped at his "nasty, unfair" general election opponent who he says failed to extend Murkowski "the respect she deserves."

DeSoto is unfazed by Miller's current poll position and McAdams' appeals to disaffected Murkowski voters.  "Ultimately, [McAdams] won't succeed.  It's a bad year for Democrats, especially up here, and his ideas aren't playing well," he said.  "We will be running on a platform that encourages growth and prosperity; McAdams is touting more government intrusion.  It's a proxy fight between the values of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.  We think we're in a good position moving forward."

Asked who Lisa Murkowski would align with in the Reagan/Obama "proxy fight," DeSoto said he thought Miller's erstwhile opponent had "a lot more Reagan in her than the alternative."  Team Miller believes many of Murkowski's supporters will confirm DeSoto's analysis on November 2nd.