Republican Parker on Hillary: "If the world is ever going to be saved, women are going to do it"

Posted: Aug 14, 2013 11:27 AM

I have noticed that group-think doesn't just run through minority communities, it's very prominent among women; and even more unfortunate, among conservative women. The notion that there are inherent values attached to your sexual identity is a ridiculous concept to begin with. But when you believe the liberal notion that there are values attached to your sexual anatomy and that these values trump all other preconceived values you have espoused, you are swimming in very shallow waters. Furthermore, if you believe people can "save" the world, you have greater issues than your embrace of identity politics.

KATHLEEN PARKER: "If the world is ever going to be saved, women are going to do it. I think we got the evidence that men have been in charge now for a good long while have not been able to achieve the desired ends."

Replace "women" with men and "men" with women. Yes, it's ridiculous either way, but imagine a Republican man being asked to unite around a Democrat male presidential candidate on behalf of male solidarity...he'd be told to shove it. I'm not saying men don't embrace sexual identity politics, but the rate at which I see women identify themselves primarily as female appears to be much higher than men whose primary identity is being male. Why is this? Feminism is one reason I'd throw out. Your sex doesn't tell you what is right or wrong, what's beautiful and ugly, what's worth esteeming or not, etc. Don't fool yourself, there's no values you can derive from your sexual identity. Telling me Hillary is a female tells me nothing about what she would do as our president, let alone whether she would save the world.