Why We Lined Up at Chick-fil-A

Posted: Aug 03, 2012 1:00 PM

Lee Habeeb over at National Review tells us why we--including myself for an hour and five minutes (see my "after" results in picture from my afternoon at the Los Angeles franchise)--sat in line. Here's a snippet:

We stood in line because we hate bullies, and we hate them whoever the victim is.We stood in line because we didn’t think Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s comments represent American values. They don’t even represent Chicago’s values. 

Mayor Emanuel and those other Chicago-machine hacks represent Al Capone’s values. 

And I wondered, as all of this transpired: Does Emanuel not know that Chicago is a big Catholic town? That the Chicago archdiocese represents 2.3 million citizens and that the Catholic Church has a pretty clear position on this issue?

Would Rahm Emanuel and his cast of goons in Chicago ban the Pope from a visit because he doesn’t have Emmanuel’s so-called “Chicago values?”

And where was President Obama on all of this, himself a Christian and a guy who only months ago believed that marriage was between a man and a woman? (That’s what he told Pastor Rick Warren in 2008 at Saddleback.) Did our President not have “Chicago values” only six months ago, but now suddenly does?