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Krauthammer Destroys Obama's Excuses For Not Releasing Bin Laden Photos

Krauthammer's final point is the caper: "The only reason you want to release it is to prove he is dead, especially in parts of the world, there will be mythology. The only reason the president ordered the raid the way he did, a risky operation, he could have used a predator and destroyed the compound and reduced bin Laden to a cinder. The reason he ordered a raid, risky operation, is to produce proof of death. We did not enter this to produce a trophy. I'm not sure why the president has a compulsive need to morally preen that he is not spiking the football."

BTW: Not that I fault or disagree with Obama's Ground Zero visit, but wouldn't his victory speech be classified as "spiking the ball?"

UPDATE: Coulter chimes in: "He’s Gonna Be Spiking The Football From Now Until Election Day!"

"If Americans can handle Hillary Clinton's ankles, they can handle this photo."

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