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CNN's Idea On How To Save Money On Gas...iPhone Apps!

That's right.

None of CNN's suggestions involved appealing to President Obama to bring down gas prices and make America more energy independent by doing more drilling here in America. This is because Anderson Cooper and Co. parked themselves on the Gulf Coast for weeks attacking BP and the greedy oil industry.

Rather than suggesting more drilling in Alaska to save money on gas, CNN instead gave Americans this sage advice on how to cut our gas bills: get gas at the closest gas station and/or pay cash!

Better still, CNN suggested we use iPhone Apps to find out where we can save a penny or two per gallon.

We have a better idea. Drill here, Drill now Redux - and we all pay less! A lot less.

Are you listening Newt?

Big HT: Lee Habeeb.

UPDATE from Speedicut: At some point, Obama is going to have to ride a donkey whilst entering a city, carrying palm fronds, and that will inspire us to go green.

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