5 Months Ago: Black Murders Eight Whites; Media Blames Whites

Greg Hengler
Posted: Jan 14, 2011 11:56 PM
On this week's Townhall.com Weekend Journal, Dennis Prager takes listeners back to August 2010, when a black man in Manchester, Connecticut murdered 8 whites and told the 911 operator that he wished he could have killed more. Of course, the media was silent, few in America heard about this massacre, and there were no fingers pointed at liberals, Democrats or the MSM for their consistent race-baiting "vitriol" of blame whitey rhetoric. No doubt that if there were any dots to connect between an assassin and the daily media/political drum beat it would have been from this horrible event.

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UPDATE: I'm reading a lot of comments stating that Omar Thornton (who's that you're asking) was a BIG story at the time. Someone said that it ran for two whole weeks. Let me test your "big" claim: When you get your cup of coffee at Starbucks today, ask the barista if they know or remember anything about Thorton's massacre from five months ago. Ask a random person at the mall or gas station if they remember. If they actually do remember, ask them why he did it and who they think is to blame. Listen to their silence. Then ask them about the Tucson rampage and watch them regurgitate the MSM/Democrat talking points. Furthermore, wait five months and ask them again. While your at it, ask them if Palin said she can see Russia from her backyard!

Thornton's racist rampage may have been BIG in the eyes of liberals, but ask yourselves this, if a white assassinated 8 blacks, would the story not be burned into the minds of all Americans for the rest of their lives? Agenda-driven media vitriol? You better believe it! Don't kid yourselves liberals.