CNN: 1 Whiff Of 2nd-Hand Smoke Does Immediate Damage!

Posted: Dec 09, 2010 11:57 AM
I will leave it to Dennis Prager to rip this "news" apart on his radio show today, but let me add a couple sense to this. If CNN wants to declare war on smokes because of the damage and dangers it does to the individual and our society, why do they support legalizing marijuana and homosexual marriage?

If CNN wants to talk about damage and danger, how about the stats when it comes to the "gay"/homosexual lifestyle? What's the life expectancy of homosexuals? What kind of physical damage is done due to their unnatural sexual practices? What about the consequences of the drug culture surrounding the homosexual community? No biggie for CNN. In fact, no biggie for most companies as well.

Like the white Christian man, tobacco can be pilloried all day long and nobody will come to its defense because there are only applause and agreement when you attack it, but scrutiny and wrath awaiting you if you defend it. For example, health insurance costs more for smokers because it has been proven to shorten life and cause more health problems. Well, if this is cause for higher insurance rates, why don't companies and health insurance agencies give the same penalty for homosexuals? In fact, a homosexual's life quality and expectancy is below that of smokers. Alas, we all know why that third rail is never touched: political correctness.

When it comes to cigarettes and tobacco, hyperbole, exaggeration, hysteria, and outright lying is not possible. Have you seen the FDA's new law on cigarette packaging starting in June 2011? Take a look. This made me want to start smoking just to spite our Big Brother and his government.