Johnny Cash (2/26/32-9/12/03): How Hollywood Secularizes The Sacred

Posted: Sep 12, 2010 12:00 PM
In the movie "Walk The Line," there is only one reference to Cash's deep Christian faith. He is auditioning for Sam Phillips at the Sun Record studio in Memphis, and plays a gospel song. Phillips quickly dismisses the song. Cash's response? To go on to record some of the greatest gospel music ever recorded by any pop icon  Cash was such a committed man of faith, that he often closed his hit CBS variety shows with his favorite Gospel music, and not just around Christmas!

Can you imagine EVER seeing something like this on network TV today?

Why, one wonders, did the producers of "Walk the Line" have not ONE of Cash's great gospel songs on the soundtrack? And not a mention of Cash's deep faith?
Read the book "The Man Called Cash" by Steve Turner, and witness just how far out of their way Hollywood types go to secularize men of deep faith. Indeed, during his life, Cash wrote a thesis on the Old testament's Book of Job, authored a Christian novel "Man in White," and recorded a spoken word version of the New King James version of The New Testament.

Big HT to VHABEEB & Benjamin Rush.