CNN Always Massaging Obama's Unemployment Numbers

Posted: May 07, 2010 6:15 PM
The problem with economics and numbers is that people's eyes glaze over when they enter a conversation on the subject. I am guessing that most people who saw this clip heard Charlie Brown's teacher and then how the increase in U.S. unemployment is a good thing or a "silver lining."

If only Bush was cut such slack!

Though what they are saying is true, when the unemployment number dropped to 9.7%, no reporter ever talked about the unemployed Americans not counted in the statistics because they had "given up." All we heard was how the drop in unemployment was a good thing. But now those who were not counted are now being counted, CNN's The Beard and Lisa Sylvester now spin it in Obama's favor! With free press like this, who needs a Press Secretary?!

BTW: Did your eyes just glaze over? Lucky for Obama then.
HT: All credit to Lee Habeeb for this post.