Washington Times Cover My Blog & Butcher My Name

Posted: Oct 07, 2009 11:48 AM
Here's a blip of the WashTimes story from my blog on Monday:

http://newsbusters.org/static/2008/02/2008-02-23-NBC-SNL-Fauxbama.jpg"Greg Hensley of Townhall.com and Salem Radio Network producer Lee Habeeb were the sharp-eyed sages who first noticed this ironic cultural moment, and then demanded to know why CNN did not "fact check" the now-infamous Tina Fey impressions of Sarah Palin."

Pretty cool except for the fact that the correct spelling of my name is at the top of the blog. Whatever!

The highlight came from the great Greg Gutfeld using my segment and talking points in his appropriately titled 'Greg-alogue'. Awesome!
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