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Rematch of Screaming Dem to Dr: That Was A Meeting For Blacks! BTW: Let's Have a Beer & Talk.

Like a good soldier who follows their leader, Congressman David Scott (D-GA) pulled the only card (no, not that one) left when Democrat lies, intimidation, feigned outrage, and talking points have failed: invite your opposition to have a beer.

After a blistering 10-plus minutes of nationally-televised schooling, Rep. Scott decided his only hope for redemption was to smile and assume people will forget his lame and lying attempts to recreate what went down in Georgia on Friday. Fortunately for Congressman Scott, Dr. Hall appears to be a merciful man and offered a little advice for their up-and-coming Obamacare townhall: "I'll give you a little time to do your research." In other words, if you're gonna come, come correct. Hopefully, Scott will take heed.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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