Democrats Awaken To Obamacare Pitfall

Posted: Jun 01, 2009 2:14 PM
Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), tells us what dangers exist with the "public option" that Obama is presenting to Americans in the name of "choice." 

The ObamaCare full court press began this morning; Obama and the Democrat Congress are determined to increase government's role in health care. You will hear Democrats talk a whole lot about choice, and how no one is going to have their private health care taken away.
But what Obama and Congress are up to is allowing more people in America to choose a government insurance plan, while simultaneously making it more expensive for employers to continue with private insurance plans. It won't take long before employers will drop the private insurance plan, allowing its employees to instead "choose" a government option.
To combat this stealth attack on private health insurance, The Mike Gallagher Show - with great advice from the National Center for Policy Analysis (the think tank that helped kill HillaryCare) - has created a "Free Our Health Care NOW! petition. The purpose is simple; get enough US citizens to sign it, and deliver the petition to The US Congress and let our elected officials know that we want MORE CHOICE in our health care, not LESS, and want to stop the increased role of government in our health care system.