Highlights & Full Transcript From Cheney's National Security/Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Speech

Posted: May 21, 2009 1:04 PM
Cheney starts at the bottom and works his way up. These videos are arranged chronologically. Here's the full transcript.

1) Cheney: The NYT 'Damn Sure Didn't Serve The Interests Of Our Country Or Safety Of Our People.'

2) Cheney: The 'Left-Wing Of The President's Party' Don't Care What Info We Received From Waterboarding

3) Cheney: Obama's Policies & Rhetoric Show Terrorists 'Weakness & Opportunity'

4) Cheney: It's Almost Gone Unnoticed That Obama Retained The Use Of Waterboarding

5) Cheney On The 'Inconveinent Truths' Of Waterboarding --Terrorists Are Neither Innocent Nor Victims.

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