Global Warming Fear Mongers Say Kids Fear Global Warming

Posted: Apr 22, 2009 12:14 PM published a report that was commissioned by Habitat Heroes--a child-focused environmentally-based educational website. Here is how Treehugger begins their report:  

"There's a new bogeyman lurking in the closet, and this one isn't imaginary. Us. One out of three children aged 6 to 11 fears that Ma Earth won't exist when they grow up, while more than half—56 percent—worry that the planet will be a blasted heath (or at least a very unpleasant place to live), according to a new survey [emphasis added]."

Ah, yes. We are the cancer on "Ma Earth."

I wanted to see who Habitat Heroes were championing as their global warming gurus, so I clicked on "Global Warming Experts." Two "experts" appeared: 1) Leonardo DiCaprio. 2) Al Gore. Yes, Al Gore got second billing. The children are directed to each of their websites and are also presented with an opportunity to read Leo's and Al's articles and watch their movies. Yada, yada, yada.

I'm just going to get to my bottom line. If environmental activists believe humans inflict an unbearable amount of suffering on Ma Earth and then feel the need to warn humanity--fine. Everyone has a cause and the people who don't believe humans are a cancer on the environment will meet you in the marketplace of ideas with their arguments. The problem is this debate never happens or has happened. Environmentalists scream bloody murder to their congregation and to vulnerable children and then fail to show up at the town hall meeting where there are people who want to ask them questions. Whether you believe in man-made global warming or not, you can not respect the decision from the Al Gore's of the world to refrain from intellectually opposed dialogue because "the debate is over." We deserve better and so do our children.

Exit Question: When was this "debate?" Can I get a transcript? 

BTW: Happy Earth Day!