'These Tax Day Tea Parties Are A Sham And A Fraud!'

Posted: Apr 14, 2009 6:56 PM

So sayeth Steve Leser, editor of the "progressive" web site, OpEdNews. Leser's appearance on Cavuto came after he wrote a column titled "Tea Parties Are a Sham and a Fraud." This was his third anti-Tea Party hit-piece.

I was hanging in there until Leser stumbled into Truther territory with this oration: "I'm insulting the way the movement is being portrayed. It is a sham. The way this movement is being portrayed is a sham and a fraud. It's not an organic grassroots movement like it's being portrayed. There's ten Republican think tanks, heavily funded by top Republican corporations and headed by people like Dick Armey and Steve Forbes. Those are the people who have created and organized this so-called grass-roots movement."

MSNBC's David Shuster proves himself again and again to be a man with the least amount of class on cable television. Filling in for Olbermann on Monday, he performed a 2:51 monologue bloated with "teabagging" innuendo.

One thing's for sure, lefties are not happy that Americans are protesting Obama's tax increases and big government spending.

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