Obama to be Inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame

Posted: Oct 09, 2009 11:19 AM
...well, not really.  But I have liberal friends this morning emailing me to let me know that even they find Obama's winning of the Nobel Peace Prize to be ridiculous.  On top of that, today's announcement seems to have inspired many of my less liberal friends to dabble in parody. 

Here's your material for tonight, David Letterman. 

-  Obama wins the Nobel Intentions Prize

-  Breaking: MLB has awarded the Yankees the World Championship in   recognition of their pursuit of excellence

-  Obama:"Im humbled.In fact, Im more humbled than any man has ever been ever. I am the humblest man to ever walk the face of the Earth."

-  I don't know whats more shocking. Obama being awarded the prize or that Hamas and far right pundits agree . . . .

-  BREAKING: Barack Obama awarded Nobel Prize for Peace - credited primarily with brokering the unconditional surrender of the Washington Nationals this summer.

-  I promise to part the waters and save the world. Do I win a prize?

-  On Obama winning: "It is a really bad joke."

-  I guess I'll chime in and say "I can't believe Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize!!!" So, can we start giving them to fictitious characters yet? Because Michael Scott always tries to make sure everyone in the Office gets along. Plus, he's just precious. I'm just sayin.

-  Didn't win a peace prize. Seems I wasted another year not killing my landlord.

-  The Baseball Writers Association of America has announced that Obama will be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame. A BWAA official said he was impressed at the President’s recent attendance at a game, and though he "threw like a girl" hi...s honorary first pitch reached home. And he once gave a great speech about baseball.

-  In an odd coincidence, ACORN receives an anonymous donation in the exact amount a Nobel Peace Prize winner gets.

-  Wake me up when Obama wins the Heisman.

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