If you liked Flunked...

Posted: Jul 31, 2009 3:05 PM
...then you'll love Skooled

Brought to you by the makers of Flunked, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation Production's Skooled is a weekly web a series of candid discussions on some controversial issues in education by a controversial player in that field.  Dr. Ben Chavis is the founder of the American Indian Public Charter Schools in Oakland, CA.  Dr. Ben’s unorthodox techniques and no-holds-barred attitude have helped under privileged students achieve some of the highest scores in California.

From EFF Productions:

"First came Flunked, the four-time award-winning education-reform documentary, narrated by Joe Mantegna. Now, we are pleased to introduce Skooled by Dr. Ben—a series of weekly web shorts featuring Dr. Ben Chavis, founder of the American Indian Charter Schools in Oakland, CA and one of the “All-Stars” in Flunked.

His methods are unorthodox. His language is candid. He has no fear, and while much of the rest of the education world is wringing its hands, Dr. Ben is getting it done. In some of the toughest areas, with some of the most at-risk students.
Always colorful—and usually controversial—these two- to three-minute web shorts feature Dr. Chavis telling the stories of how he turned one of the worst schools in Oakland into one of the top schools in the state!" 

You can check out the early episodes here, or watch the first episode below.

Episode 1: Fight Club

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