Rep. Kristi Noem: The President Is Ignoring Tough Choices and Distracting from Real Issues

Posted: May 12, 2012 9:41 AM

In his weekly address, President Obama called upon Congress to act upon the legislative "to-do" list he issued, via electronic sticky note, earlier this week. With the same old recycled rhetoric, he accused Republicans of being unoptimistic about the economy and having no plan other than cutting taxes (especially for the wealthy, gasp!) to create jobs -- policies which he supposes are the same old tired ideas that got us into "this mess" in the first place. We can't give corporations free reign again, we've got to move Forward! Or something.

But in the weekly GOP address, Rep. Kristi Noem (R-South Dakota) just makes it rain simple truths refuting President Obama's intellectually cheap platitudes. The fact of the matter is, the president and his camp are engaged in a distraction-war of the highest order, trying to make Americans forget that his policies have only deepened our economic woes, while the House Republicans have been passing comprehensive solutions to our worst problems. Totally brill:

The president claims to be leading us 'forward' but his policies have us stuck. Instead of working with Republicans to rebuild the economy, the president is ignoring the tough choices and trying to distract from the real issues.

When the House recently passed legislation to prevent student loan rates from doubling, the president falsely claimed that by targeting an ObamaCare slush fund to pay for our fix, that Republicans were slashing support for women's health. Independent news organizations quickly debunked these allegations. What's more, the president has twice cut money from this very same slush fund, most recently in his own budget. This is just further proof that he is politicizing this issue to distract the American people.

The challenges young people and women face in this economy need to be addressed, not exploited for political gain. Like any mother, I want to know our kids and grandkids will have even greater opportunities than we had, and that the free and prosperous America that we grew up in is still going to be there for them.

That's why Republicans are focused - we're focused on helping put Americans back to work through our 'Plan for America's Job Creators.' In the House, we've passed several 'all of the above' energy bills to address high gas prices and help create jobs. We've passed a budget to lift the crushing burden of debt that's hurting our economy and is threatening our future. We've passed small business tax cuts and bills reining in red tape so we can get government out of the private sector's way. All told, more than two dozen House-passed jobs bills are awaiting action in the Democratic-controlled Senate. If the president is truly serious about doing what's best for women, young people - and all Americans - working on these jobs bills should be our focus.