Family: A Message from Mitt Romney's Better Half

Posted: Apr 06, 2012 6:32 PM

It's becoming increasingly apparent that the Mitt Romney campaign possesses a secret weapon that perhaps even they didn't anticipate they would have: Ann Romney. As a candidate who's often criticized as being stiff, aloof, and out-of-touch with the everymen, Mrs. Romney has been an asset in humanizing and softening Mitt's image, helping to present him as a strong, loving father and family man -- a quality that, thankfully, many Americans still respect and admire. It feels like Team Romney is finally starting to really realize just how crucial her input is, and they've got a new ad out this week emphasizing Mitt's more nurturing side:

I'm just going to say it: the more I see of Ann Romney, the more I like her. She seems kind, steady, and highly capable, and I'd be A-okay seeing her as First Lady in the White House. Michelle Obama has been a fairly popular FLOTUS and a valuable player in her own husband's campaign, but I think Ann Romney seems more than up to the challenge.