Senate Dems to Obama: Leave Some Campaign Cash for the Rest of Us

Posted: Aug 18, 2011 1:10 PM

While an increasing number of Democrats have lately shown themselves willing to join in criticizing President Obama's handling of the economy and unemployment, POLITICO reports that even mainstream Democrats are finding a (new, yet related) reason for perturbation with the President.

Senate Democrats are increasingly concerned that Barack Obama’s campaign money machine is sucking up so much cash that it will cut into the party’s aggressive campaign to hold on to the Senate next year, several Democratic sources say.

Democratic senators have already pressed Obama campaign officials — including campaign manager Jim Messina — not to lock up the richest Democratic donors, but the presidential campaign declined to make such a promise. ...

Majority Leader Harry Reid and other top Senate Democrats have also asked for at least $10 million in aid from the Democratic National Committee as well as the president’s re-election campaign to help underwrite expensive TV ad campaigns and on-the-ground efforts for crucial Senate races in 2012, according to Democratic sources. ...

Democrats believe Obama’s robust campaign infrastructure will benefit a number of their Senate candidates in pivotal presidential swing states, but it’s not clear how much emphasis the president’s team will place in a handful of other states where Senate races could determine the balance of power in the chamber next Congress.

I'd wager that campaign contributions are especially precious in a struggling economy, and there's only so much love-for-Democrats to go around right now. I'm not yet making any bets about which way the 2012 presidential election will swing, but I do think the Senate is up for grabs, and it seems that Senate Democrats feel the same way - not only is the President ruining Democrats' general popularity, he's starting to absorb whatever money constituents may be willing to give.