10 Hilarious Confessions From First-Time Homeschoolers

Posted: Apr 02, 2020 10:50 AM
10 Hilarious Confessions From First-Time Homeschoolers

Source: AP Photo/James Crisp

Parents across the world united have been thrust into the role of teacher as the Wuhan Coronavirus forced most schools to close for the remainder of the academic year. Some have thrived with the assistance of their children's quarantined educators and other virtual outlets, proudly sharing success stories from their brand new home schools.

Other parents, however, have admitted that homeschooling hasn't gone exactly as planned. One mom prayed to God to help her with educating, a skill she readily admitted to not possessing. 

"Father God" she prayed. "I am a child of God. What I am not is a home school teacher. God, I'm at home. But Lord ain't no teaching going on around here."

Many ambitious moms and dads, however, felt that they would easily slip into the role of educator. Some imagined themselves morphing into a modern day Fraulein Maria full of wit and wisdom only to be slapped with the cold, hard reality of being with their kids 24/7. 

Some parents who have also been relegated to working from home and teleconferencing with their colleagues have noted that bored homeschooling children can also interfere with their virtual professional life. 

Three quarters of the way through the school year, lots of parents tried to stay on curriculum with their kids but have since realized they weren't quite up to the task. Those science teachers make it look so easy. 

With no gymnasium and no play dates in the park, making sure kids get physical activity is very important. Some parents have come up with some interesting ideas.  

Others use their professional experience to motivate their kids to work out. This professional wrestling coach uses a no-nonsense and squats approach. 

Others have seized the opportunity to educate their children on useful home maintenance while getting fresh air and exercising. 

After three weeks of being home with their children, some parents seem ready to accept defeat. 

Others have invented organizational techniques to track their attempts at home education, only to discover their children's caustic wit.

When education seems a bit much, don't count out the television as a helpful aid. There are ways to turn mind numbing entertainment into an education when it all gets to be too much. 

Many parents noticed their children's ferocious appetites and wondered what they had been eating during school hours. 

And when educational activities seem to run short, there are always Tupperware matching games. In times of national crisis, sometimes learning can resemble household chores and still be fun for the whole family!