This Mother's Hysterical 'Prayer' May Get Us Through Quarantine

Posted: Mar 25, 2020 4:45 PM

We'll take the laughs where we can get them during this uncertain period in America. Being forced to quarantine is all very depressing. But one Tennessee mother lifted our spirits by filming a hysterical video of her prayer to God. In her candid clip, Branalyn Shropshire admits that she's having a bit of a struggle with her daughter Sydney's math homework.

“Let us pray," she begins. "Father God. I am a child of God. What I am not is a home school teacher. God, I'm at home. But Lord ain't no teaching going on around here.”

Watch the rest below. Shropshire's quip about Common Core had us rolling.

Shropshire may not be a homeschool teacher, but she is a comedian. On her YouTube page she's shared videos of other first experiences she's had and is never trying again, such as going on a hike or getting a back massage. And through them all, her daughter is there to encourage her, or, more frequently, laugh at her.

“I truly applaud teachers, grocery store workers, all first responders, nurses, doctors and everyone that is going the extra mile to keep us safe during this uncertain time," Shropshire added in her prayer.

Stay safe out there everyone, and remember to laugh!