'He Did Promise America First': Hillary Twists American Tragedy into Cheap Shot at Trump

Posted: Mar 27, 2020 4:35 PM
'He Did Promise America First': Hillary Twists American Tragedy into Cheap Shot at Trump

Source: AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

As Americans weather an economic fallout and stay isolated in their homes, away from family and friends, with growing uncertainty about their future, one former presidential candidate turned their misery into ammunition against the president. 

Hillary Clinton, who lost to President Trump in 2016 after calling half of the country a "basket of deplorables," received news that the United States now had the most confirmed cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Instead of offering support or comfort in a time of fear and tragedy, however, the former Secretary of State chose to weaponize the news of nearly 90,000 sick Americans against the president. 

'He did promise 'America First,'" Clinton shared on Twitter, along with a news article confirming that her own country led the world in confirmed cases of COVID-19. That tweet was preceded by another jab at Trump, chastising his optimistic hope of re-opening the countries frozen economy as soon as possible. 

"Before sending anyone back to their jobs, @realdonaldtrump, you should try doing yours," she said on Thursday. The president has addressed the nation nearly every day for three weeks as he has responded to the crisis with a team of experts and incorporated help from the private sector to manufacture much needed medical supplies. 

Though peppered with a few messages of gratitude for healthcare workers and helpful advice about where to get free meals for school children in New York City, the former First Lady's timeline is a minefield of rips at the sitting leader of the free world. Trump, who has consistently spoken out strongly against Clinton since before even launching his presidential bid in 2015, has not responded to the most recent barrage of insults. 

Clinton and many other Democrats have also blasted the president for not invoking the Defense Production Act, which would equate to Trump forcing private businesses to manufacture something they otherwise wouldn't. The president has said on several occasions that while he could invoke the act, he hasn't needed to because no one has said, "no."

Hillary also joined much of media and other Democrats in holding the president responsible for the accidental death of a man who ingested toxic fish tank cleaner, thinking it was the same thing as a drug mentioned by the president.

"Please do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse," Clinton said on Tuesday after Trump touted the potential efficacy of anti-malaria therapy as a treatment for the Wuhan Coronavirus. The president has not once recommended anyone take hydroxychloroquine without medical guidance or confirmed that it would work. 

Despite the negative reviews of Trump that Hillary has diligently been posting to social media in the time of crisis, the nation has reflected the opposite view. A recent Gallup poll showed that 60% of Americans approved of the job the president was doing in terms of leading the nation during the crisis. An ABC Poll released on Friday shows the president's job approval rating as more positive than negative for the first time since he was sworn in as president. 

Clinton's reaction to news of the newest, staggering statistics related to the pandemic left many Twitter users angry that a former public servant would choice partisan bitterness over empathy and support for the country.