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AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

From the sound of the dark, depressed moans of defeat from Camp Bernie Sanders last night after Joe Biden's stunning primary victories, one could be led to believe that the almost certain defeat of their beloved Socialist hope for the White House was bested by the most conservative man to ever label himself a Democrat. 


Sanders surrogate Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez informed her disappointed Twitter followers not to "let their hearts turn black" on such a "tough night." Anti-Israel activist and oft-accused anti-Semite Linda Sarsour also took to Twitter to beg her followers to pull Biden, who will now almost certainly be the Democratic nominee, much further to the left. "He's going to have to concede & negotiate on issues," she pleaded. "We're going to have to push him further to the left."  

But ignore for a moment the bellow of sorrow played like 'Taps' from the disappointed supporters of the Vermont senator and now failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden is no moderate leftist. 

It is unclear to me what the sobbing Sanders supporters think that Joe leans right on. If they want more abortion, well, Joe's their guy. True, he didn't punch into the Senate as the good Catholic from Delaware in the '70s with the same gusto for ending pregnancy for any reason that he espouses today, but almost no one did. After 50 years in politics, few support unlimited abortion more than Joe. In 2007, he opposed a Supreme Court ruling that attempted to uphold the 2003 partial birth abortion ban. Like a change in wind, he even decided to oppose the Hyde amendment last summer. It's hard to imagine how you could pull him any further left on the issue.


If the sad Sanders fans are worried about Biden's support for gun rights, well he's got a big fat failing grade from the NRA for a consistent record of voting against gun ownership legislation in the Senate. More recently, he made all gun owners nervous when he accepted the endorsement of failed Democratic candidate Beto "Hell Yes" O'Rourke and, on stage, said with Beto's arm in his, "I’m going to guarantee you, this is not the last you’ve seen of this guy. You’re going to take care of the gun problem with me. You’re going to be the one that leads this effort. I’m counting on you." If Biden's looking to O'Rourke for help with guns, well gun control advocates should rest easy. Just yesterday, Biden threatened to slap a man in the face for challenging his stance on gun rights. This was during a campaign stop to a Detroit auto factory where Biden also told the worker in a hard hat he was a "horse's ass" who was "full of sh-t." Isn't this the type of candidate the progressive left desires?

Maybe the concern is for women's rights. Well the man authored the Violence Against Women's Act in 1994. Climate change? Joe is credited for introducing the very first climate change bill in 1986. He has also campaigned on the somewhat absurd promise of eliminating net greenhouse gasses by 2050. Perhaps it is the fact that he has not campaigned on a "Medicare For All" platform. Well, he has, actually, but he also wants to keep Obamacare so technically private insurance would not be eliminated, as it would have been under Bernie's plan.


Joe Biden is not just a far left liberal Democrat, he's also a fairly dishonest and easily manipulated man. Remember it was he who made up an entire story about being in a downed helicopter. He also once said he was a coal miner, which never happened. He places himself in several other historical moments where he was not, in addition to telling stories blended between fact and fiction to make himself look heroic and brave. 

But truthfully, Biden is not heroic and brave. He flipped his mind after years of supporting the Hyde amendment, which blocked federal funding for abortions, because campaign adviser and actress Alyssa Milano confronted him about it. It should be of great comfort to those that want to "push him further to the left," that all you have to do is get Alyssa Milano involved.

Biden is also no friend to conservatives who may now think they have an alternative choice to Donald Trump. If voters are pro-life, pro-gun, anti-tax raises, and anti-socialism, a selection for Biden is a disaster. This should show the progressive left just how far the bemoaned Biden is from the man who currently occupies the White House. 

And sure, Biden has held views that were once more in line with the centrists of the world but every time he changes his mind, which he does at least five times before breakfast, it's always further to the left, not further to the right. So to the depressed Linda Sarours and AOCs of the world: Sanders was not defeated by any type of moderate or centrist Democrat who won't do any of the things you want. You have now a man who is quite far left and if he's not far left enough for you, just call up Alyssa Milano.


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