More Revealed About Teen Connected to Jihad Jane

Posted: Aug 28, 2011 5:30 PM had a story this weekend about a 17 year old connected to the woman known as Jihad Jane:

"The Maryland teenager secretly arrested by the FBI for allegedly conspiring with the woman from the Philadelphia suburbs known as Jihad Jane also spoke of a Columbine-style plot with a Pittsburgh-area friend in a jihadist chat room, according to sources and documents.

"'I had a lot of thoughts about you today,' Mohammed K. wrote to his Western Pennsylvania pen pal late last year. 'About us both doing martyrdom operations together in my school. . . . It was like we both were in a big truck and had guns and we were shooting randomly at a huge crowd of kids."'

The story said that the teenager started helping 'Jane' at an even younger age: 15. What he wrote above, however, was sent to another person: "a Pennsylvania State University student who was soon charged with soliciting unrelated terror attacks."