Dems Still Haven't Scheduled Budget Markup For Next Week

Elisabeth Meinecke
Posted: Jul 01, 2011 3:30 PM

As everyone makes a huge deal of the Senate staying in session next week instead of going on its previously scheduled July 4th holiday/district work period, the man who changed the schedule because the Senate has "work to do" -- Sen. Harry Reid -- doesn't seem to be exerting any presure -- publically, at least -- to get a budget markup actually on the Senate calendar.

GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions, while acknowledging that Republicans have been asking that the Senate not recess without significantly addressing the debt and government spending (or, for example, producing a budget), is warning people not to be fooled by the show of remaining in session.

"[N]ow it look like we may be in session only for show—it seems no work is slated on cutting spending, developing a budget, or addressing the debt ceiling. Instead, as our economy suffers, the only major item that has been scheduled is a Libya resolution," Sessions said in a statement. "There is no mark-up scheduled—the Committee still remains barred from meeting, in public, to craft and amend a budget for this nation. This is a continued breach of both our legal and moral obligations."

Sen. Harry Reid's office has not yet responded Townhall's request as to whether he intends to ensure a budget markup is scheduled for next week. The Senate Democrat Budget Committee press office, when asked if they knew whether a markup would be scheduled, said to keep monitoring their website, saying any budget markup announcement would be posted there--should an announcement be made.