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Rep. Allen West on Geithner Meeting With Freshmen: "Just More Soundbites"

Florida Col. Rep. Allen West was not encouraged by the House GOP freshmen meeting with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner yesterday, saying Geithner gave nothing but "more soundbites."


"Just more soundbites, more, you know, "Blah, blah, blah,"' West said of Geithner's talk at the meeting. "He didn't tell me anything I did not hear the day before with the president. They have no plan, and blaming the other guy isn't a plan."

The soundbite mentality is something West, who spoke with reporters during the Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington, D.C., believes is wrong with America.

"We always think in soundbites. We don't think about long-term ramifications," West said. "We think about, 'What can we say in the next two or maybe four years, that the American people will like to help us get elected."

When talking about the debt ceiling, West also said he's not into the "immature, petulant" blame game, although he then added he think the president does a good job of playing it.

As for handling any pressure from the GOP or Democrats to compromise on his conservative principles since taking office, West is nonplused.

"Pressure doesn't bother me. I've been shot at," West said.


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