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Planned Parenthood's Twitter Irony

How ironic is this? It's a little thing, but those add up. I see on the side of my Twitter feed that Planned Parenthood Pact has a promoted account under the suggested follows list. (which means it's advertising).


I clicked on the account and noticed it had retweeted a Texas website going after Rick Perry and Texas for signing a bill requiring a woman have a sonogram 24 hours before an abortion. The article claims this:

"Abortion providers, like really good lawyers, aren't big advertisers. They don't have to hard-sell. Women who have made the decision seek them out."

Which explains exactly why Planned Parenthood Pact felt the need to go above and beyond on Twitter to advertise itself.

I have a request in to Twitter to confirm that all promoted accounts pay to reach that status and will update the post when I hear back.


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