Politicians Ready to Listen? Watch and Decide

Elisabeth Meinecke
Posted: Oct 19, 2010 9:47 AM
I like this new video from the Republican Study Committee (the caucus of conservatives in the House) and the Oversight & Reform Republicans for a couple reasons: 1)These representatives are part of the RSC-- members proud of their conservatism and not merely trying to appease an electorate in a tough political climate (cough, John McCain); consequently, I trust them more; 2)I'm a hockey fan and a die-hard patriot, and the video includes a picture from the Miracle on Ice where the U.S. beat the Russians against all odds. That seems like a superficial reason to like a two-minute video, but I think it actually speaks to a deeper point: it was an important event for American morale at a time when we desperately needed it during the Cold War, and, since then, has been a staple example of the American can-do spirit.

So the video accomplishes two things: you get to know more conservative faces, and it's optimistic -- just the right tone. Let's hope Americans listen and this Congress returns the favor over the next two years.