Update on "Chris Christie Is Awesome" Theme

Posted: Sep 23, 2010 4:25 PM
Some perspective on what Gov. Chris Christie's veto has done to help the cause for life in New Jersey: I just got off the phone with Marie Tasy of New Jersey Right to Life, who told me that, according to New Jersey's Department of Health, 60,000 abortions (which there's no requirement to report) occur in the state each year. 

Even worse, Tasy said that the latest Guttmacher Institute Study showed New Jersey had the second-highest teen abortion rate in the nation. An earlier study published in 2000 showed New Jersey had the highest black teen abortion rate in the U.S. (the institute listed this statistic for New Jersey in their latest report as "unavailable").

In case you missed the story earlier, thanks to Christie's veto pen, a Planned Parenthood facility in New Jersey will close because of lack of funding. LifeNews.com reported that this particular facility doesn't perform abortions, but it does give abortion referrals.

A great point made in this article is that cutting Planned Parenthood funding is actually helping New Jersey get its spending in order.

Saving children's lives and being fiscally responsible? Two gold stars for that. Congratulations, Gov. Christie.

Also, for a more detailed look, you can read an op-ed by Tasy here.