Will the Real Kitchen Table of Rep. Boccieri Please Stand Up?

Posted: Oct 22, 2009 10:59 AM

One of the most important House races shaping up around the nation is taking place in Ohio's 16th district, where Republicans have a great chance to recapture a House seat.

A few days ago The Cleveland Plain Dealer ran a story noting that Republican challenger Jim Renacci out-raised incumbent Democrat Congressman John Boccieri for the 3rd quarter FEC filings. 

Congressman Boccieri responded by saying that Renacci’s money all came from wealthy executives.  “I don’t run in those circles,” said Boccieri.  “I am focused on keeping kitchen table issues like creating jobs in NE Ohio and helping folks hold onto their pensions.”

Oh Really? Let’s do a fact check here ...

Congressman Boccieri raised $186,186 during the 3 month period.  Here is where it came from….
From Non-Individuals, 45.7% came from Liberal Leadership PACs and 44.3% from Unions. And from the Individual contributions, 70% came from Executives/Owners/Partners of companies.
Would you like to try again Congressman Boccieri?

Oh, and by the way…job losses have nearly doubled in Stark County since you took office, but thanks for focusing on them by voting for Cap and Trade.

So you're losing jobs and taking money from special interest groups and NOT your kitchen-table constituents....not what the voters of Ohio's 16th district want from their Congressman, right?

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