The Cap and Trade 8

Posted: Jun 29, 2009 8:00 AM
Friday, despite all the media attention focused on the death of Michael Jackson, America was given its largest tax increase ever and a change in energy policy that will dramatically affect the freedoms of everyone in this country...and it was thanks to eight turncoat Republicans.

Throughout the vote, grassroots activists on facebook were asking "who were the eight?" and conservative talk show host Mark Levin was quick to point out who these eight were. Well, a new website has popped up that will make it easy for those grassroots activists to contact these turncoats and let them know how they feel: Touted as a "working to rid the GOP of Rino's," it has the names of the eight and how to contact them in DC and their district offices.

This event could galvanize many conservatives at a time when they are becoming increasingly disillusioned with party, and gravitating more towards individual candidates. Monday is going to be a bad day for the staff's of eight congressional offices because of the poor decisions by their bosses. We'll see how it goes...