Reviews for Ultra Leftist SCOTUS Nominee Not Good So Far

Posted: May 26, 2009 1:45 PM

Barack Obama
has once again gone away from his promise to be a centrist President by choosing an ultra-leftist judge to serve as his first pick for the SCOTUS. The reviews coming in (see Matt Lewis's post earlier) on Sonya Sotomayor are just horrible and makes Harriet Miers look over-qualified to have served on the Supreme Court.

I just spoke with Liberty Legal Institute Chief Counsel Kelly Shackelford about Sonya Sotomayor, and he had this to say:
 "It's sad. This is a clear attempt to downgrade our standard of justice. No longer should judges be neutral. The new standard is "empathy." This means judges are to rule based on how they feel, not the rule of law.." Liberty Legal specializes in First Amendment and constitutional law and is often before the Supreme Court.

“Judicial activism robs the power of self-government from the American people. Sotomayor's statements on judges making policy, advocating for race-viewed justice, and her decision in Ricci and in many others, which were overturned, make clear her activist approach. The only people who will be happy with this pick will be extreme activists on the left.”
Remember elections have consequences and in this case, rewards. The ultra left in America has been rewarded and American Justice has been harmed. This is the person, as I noted earlier, who said "appeals courts is where policy is made." No clearer definition of legislating from the bench instead of adhering to the law.

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