Crist: Thank Goodness he was NOT our VP Choice

Posted: Feb 10, 2009 12:46 PM
From Politico"President Barack Obama and Gov. Charlie Crist sharing a stage in battleground Florida to stump for the same economic stimulus plan might seem like an unusual alliance. But the Democratic president and the Republican governor are more similar than they appear at first glance."


"Crist also tends to overlook the far right of the GOP – saying last year, for instance, that he would vote for an anti-gay marriage amendment, but refusing to campaign for it. His stance has prompted complaints from religious conservatives about the governor ."


"A consummate politician, Crist grew quieter in his support for McCain as the November election neared, and polls showed Obama far ahead."
With friends like that in the fox hole with you, who needs enemies? "Obama won Florida in November by almost three percentage points, or about 227,000 votes, despite Crist’s endorsement of McCain since the Saturday before the primary, which proved pivotal to the Arizona senator clinching the Republican nomination." Gee if Crist hadn't gone so "quiet," would McCain have won this pivitol state? Hmmm.

Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008 because they moved to far to the left, spent like drunken sailors, and put up a wishy washy candidate for President that barely offered a difference between himself and Obama. To think that McCain considered Crist as a running mate only goes to underscore how important it is for us to nominate true conservatives, show the differences between conservatism and liberalsim, and give the voters a clear alternative. Democrat-lite doesn't work, doesn't win elections, and doesn't move conservatism forward. Thank Goodness we got Sarah Palin as our choice and not some wishy washy VP like Charlie Crist.

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