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"I'm Running"

So said Sen. Lindsey Graham today on CBS This Morning. And while not exactly a surprise, it’s clear he’s finally—and irreversibly—crossed the Rubicon:


“I’m running because of what you see on television. I'm running because I think the world is falling apart…”

That of course will be the underlying message of his campaign, which will focus almost exclusively on addressing and defending the national security interests of the United States of America. And it’s a compelling message. But will it resonate—and is Graham himself the right messenger?

As ISIS continues its death march across large swaths of land in the Middle East, killing and capturing key strategic cities and towns as they go, the electorate’s desire for a Commander-in-Chief of ability and vision will increase accordingly. Graham believes he’s that guy. Meanwhile, the polls also suggest that Republicans especially are deeply concerned about what’s happening in places like Iraq, Syria, and that region of the world. Hence, as he puts it, Graham strongly believes that because he has the most foreign policy experience (and knowledge) of any of the candidates, he would therefore make the best Commander-in-Chief.

We’ll see how he fares, but he’s already starting out well behind the other candidates. And the competition isn't getting any easier.

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