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BREAKING: All 243 Passengers Accounted For in Amtrak Wreck, Eight Deceased

Minutes ago, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter held another press conference about the disastrous Amtrak derailment, informing the public that while another victim had been pulled from the wreckage, there are no longer any unaccounted for or missing passengers.


“Let me give you an additional bit of information,” he said. “We did recover the remains of one individual this morning. Those remains were taken to the medical examiner’s office, as is our protocol. The remains have been identified as a person who was on that train.”

"As this new conference was taking place, I just received the final confirmation,” he added. “We have now accounted for all 243 individuals who we believe were on Amtrak Train 188 from Tuesday night."

Unfortunately, Mayor Nutter also confirmed that there were eight total fatalities.

As of this writing, the eighth victim has not yet been identified.

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