BREAKING: ISIS Plot Targeting US Embassy Thwarted By Saudis

Posted: Apr 28, 2015 10:45 AM
BREAKING: ISIS Plot Targeting US Embassy Thwarted By Saudis

Is ISIS’ reach spreading beyond Iraq and Syria?

The reason I ask is because the Saudis dropped a bombshell this morning, informing the press they uncovered (and foiled) a series of coordinated terrorist plots several months ago to kill innocents in the city of Riyadh. It wasn’t just innocent Saudis, however, who were at risk. The Associated Press reports that ISIS-inspired terrorists also plotted to blow up the U.S. embassy there, and as a result nearly one hundred suspected Islamic extremists have been detained and questioned for their suspected involvement.

Saudi authorities say they have arrested a total of 93 people with ties to the Islamic State group in recent months, foiling their plans to carry out terrorist attacks including a strike on the U.S. Embassy in the kingdom's capital.

Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki said Tuesday the arrests include a cell of 65 people arrested in March who were involved in a plan that included targeting residential compounds, prisons and security forces.

The article also notes that the plotters reportedly hoped to car bomb the U.S. embassy. Thankfully, however, the plot was thwarted, and no American diplomats stationed there were injured or killed -- or anyone else, for that matter.