Report: Hillary 2016 Announcement Coming Any Day Now

Posted: Apr 06, 2015 2:30 PM

The Hill reports that Hillary Clinton could declare her candidacy for president of the United States as soon as today. Not surprisingly, the timing of the announcement is well-protected and "closely guarded" – but with so many GOP candidates piling (or scheduled to pile) into the race, perhaps she's ready to make her move earlier than anticipated:

Most staffers hired for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign have no idea when she’ll announce, according to a CNN report, but have been told that they must be ready to start their campaign roles at any moment — starting Monday.

Until then, they are working out of an office meant for her personal staff, according to the report. The campaign-in-waiting’s digital team has reportedly been operating out of the space’s kitchen.

Naturally, there has been much speculation that, when push comes to shove, Hillary Clinton will refuse to put her name forward and run for president. Now, however, that she’s staffing up and opened a base of operations in Brooklyn, such forecasts remain rather difficult to believe.

Polls show that she is the clear favorite to clinch the Democratic nomination – and the experts are already fretting that if she passes the torch, Republicans will inevitably recapture the White House and end the era of Hope & Change.

And of course, she can't let that happen. She may not be able to win – as many have pointed out – but she's still running nonetheless.

The die, it seems, has already been cast.