Wolf Blitzer: Hey, We Should Probably Delay Obamacare For a Year

Posted: Oct 09, 2013 4:45 PM

Amazing. It’s such a good idea that even CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is on board. Imagine that (via NRO):

Blitzer implies that wanting to delay Obamacare for an additional year is a normal reaction anyone might have who's tried to sign up for coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace. As we've documented, the sign-up process has been a complete nightmare. Remember, too, the Obama administration has had three-plus years to prepare for this moment; that is, when millions of Americans would go online and enroll in the government exchanges. They failed. And while we knew for months the law wasn’t ready for primetime (as did the White House, evidently) it appears that the so-called “third world experience” so many liberals feared from the beginning is now coming to fruition. Meanwhile, the government has still failed to give a definitive answer as to how many people have actually signed up. Is it one million? Two million? We honestly don’t know. So even if you’re a supporter of the “Affordable” Care Act, as Wolf Blitzer himself probably is, in retrospect, delaying it for an additional year might have been the best approach all along.

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