No Way: Mayor Filner Leaves “Rehab” Early

Posted: Aug 10, 2013 9:00 AM

He must be cured, or something. The San Diego Union-Tribune has the creepy details:

San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldmith said Friday that Mayor Bob Filner is back a week earlier than expected from therapy triggered by sexual harassment allegations and that the locks to his office have been changed.

Goldsmith said he couldn't discuss why the mayor's office locks were changed.

“We are working cooperatively with chief of staff Lee Burdick and (chief operating officer) Walt Ekard," Goldsmith said.

The mayor's surprising return comes after he reportedly checked into a counseling clinic a week early. He had announced that he would start two weeks of therapy at an undisclosed clinic beginning last Monday, Aug. 5, and would return to work Aug. 19.

An attorney hired by Filner to represent him in a sexual harassment suit filed by his former top communications aide, Irene McCormack Jackson, said Filner will continue his therapy as an outpatient.

"Upon completion of the treatment program, Mayor Filner is planning to continue therapy sessions on an outpatient basis," said a statement from the office of attorney, James L. Payne of Los Angeles. "Mayor Filner is taking personal time next week and will be unavailable for comment. At this time, we do not have information as to when he will be available for comment."

What would it take for Mr. Filner to resign voluntarily? Well, at this point, probably a miracle. Remember, this is the same guy who wants the public to pay his legal fees (at least thirteen women have come forward accusing him of sexual harassment) and reportedly refused to help a Wounded Warrior navigate the bureaucratic corridors of the VA unless the soldier’s nurse had dinner with him. Charming. To make matters worse, several female members of the military (who also happened to be victims of sexual assault themselves before meeting Filner) have come forward accusing him of groping and touching them back when he was serving as a Member of Congress. As much as it pains me to say it, Bob Filner makes Anthony Weiner look like a respectable politician by comparison. Meanwhile, at least 77 percent of his constituents want him gone.

How much longer can the man possibly hold onto power?

UPDATE: Right on cue California Senator Barbara Boxer is telling Filner that he "must resign." Will he listen?

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