Surprise: Vast Majority of 2013 College Graduation Speakers Are Liberals

Posted: May 25, 2013 8:00 AM
Surprise: Vast Majority of 2013 College Graduation Speakers Are Liberals

It’s springtime again and we all know what that means: hundreds of thousands of college students from across the country will attend (if they haven’t already) commencement ceremonies to bask in their own accomplishments and receive their diplomas. In many ways, it is a time of excitement and apprehension for many as students come to the firm realization that they’re leaving their respective “bubbles,” and entering what my father likes to call “the real world.”

And yet it’s worth pointing out that the vast majority of students who spend four years on American college campuses understand one incontrovertible fact: the professors, administrators, and yes, the student body is decidedly liberal. In my own experience, I attended a private college in New England that was anything but a bastion of conservative thought (indeed, more than 90 percent of students voted for Barack Obama in 2008, according to the school newspaper). Naturally this begs a serious and important question: How many other college campuses around the country are just like mine?

Of course many on the Left will no doubt say, “Hey, wait a second. College campuses aren’t overtly liberal! In fact, historically, they’ve been hubs of tolerance and inclusion and diversity of thought!” Really? Because even a passing glance at this year’s commencement speaker line-up at the top 150 liberal arts colleges and universities, for example, shows conclusively that more than 90 percent of them are liberals (via the American Enterprise Institute):

 photo commencement_zps74f83105.png

Perhaps only eleven confirmed conservative graduation speakers this year? Wow. Glad to see the students who don’t necessarily share the liberal world view are well represented….

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