Awesome: Poll Finds Supermajority Believe the Next POTUS Will be a Republican

Posted: Aug 31, 2012 12:37 PM

According to a new Rasmussen Reports Survey, 60 percent of Likely U.S. Voters say the next President of the United States will be a Republican:

Most voters still think the next president is likely to be a Republican, but belief that it’s very likely has changed little for months.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 60% of Likely U.S. Voters believe that the next president will be a Republican. Twenty-five percent (25%) considerate it unlikely that President Obama will be succeeded by a Republican. Sixteen percent (16%) aren’t sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

It’s important to note that the survey did not specify whether the president to follow Obama would be elected in 2012 or 2016.

The figures include 33% who say it’s Very Likely the next president will be a Republican. That’s down from 40% last October.

Eighty-nine percent (89%) of Republicans predictably think a GOP president is likely, as do 55% of voters not affiliated with either major party. By a more narrow 47% to 38% margin, however, Democrats see it as unlikely that the next president with be a Republican.

Governor Mitt Romney’s excellent speech last night will undoubtedly give him a boost in the polls (and perhaps even help him close the gender gap), but will it be enough to make him the 45th President of the United States? Well, it’s difficult to say. I think it’s easy, on the one hand, to feel a false sense of optimism after listening to nothing but uplifting and inspiring speeches defending American exceptionalism, praising the free enterprise system, and criticizing the president’s myriad failures for three straight days. On the other hand, this survey (conducted during the RNC) could be another indication that the tide is already turning -- that is, voters are finally ready to elect Republican leaders who are serious about cutting government spending and preserving the American Dream for future generations. Either way, this presidential horse race is going to come down to the wire.

Let us hope Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan are ready for the bitter road ahead.