Finally: Scott Brown Hammers Elizabeth Warren Over Heritage Claim

Posted: Jun 14, 2012 2:00 PM

Yesterday, Elizabeth Warren appeared on "Hardball with Chris Matthews” -- and, strangely enough, with a little help from the host himself -- argued that she was the people’s candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts and that her opponent, “Wall Street Republican” Scott Brown, did not have their best interests at heart. Now, of course, the incumbent Senator is firing back, questioning her integrity and raising serious doubts about whether or not she is capable of serving the Bay State electorate faithfully in the United States Senate.

“It’s funny, when you’re running for elective office, especially high elective office, you really — you have to pass a test. And the test is about truthfulness, credibility and honesty,” Brown said on “Fox & Friends.” “And quite frankly, she’s failed that test as evidenced by her claiming to be a Native American and checking the box and making misrepresentations to not only Harvard but Penn.”

The first-term senator added, “It’s no different here. She can rewrite her own history but she can’t rewrite mine.”

“Facts," John Adams once said, “are stubborn things.” And the fact is Elizabeth Warren -- by her own admission! -- acknowledged to the American public that she told Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania she was Native American. And despite her risible attempts to justify her conduct, she is still unable to produce one document, let alone one single shred of evidence, corroborating that claim. Instead, the former consumer advocate has resorted to the most despicable campaign tactics, decrying sexism and accusing Scott Brown of launching “attacks” on her family. Scott Brown, however, merely wants to understand (a) why she listed herself as an ethnic minority for nine years in a law school directly (only to suddenly and suspiciously abandon the claim in the mid-90s) and (b) why she deceptively told two Ivy League universities she was Native American. These are perfectly legitimate questions.

In any case, as I understand it, Scott Brown has been somewhat hesitant to challenge Professor Warren’s non-existent claim that she is “1/32” Cherokee, leaving the bulk of the questioning to campaign surrogates. Nevertheless, the evidence strongly suggests that Elizabeth Warren is guilty of academic fraud. If true, on those grounds -- and on those grounds alone – the people of Massachusetts should recognize she is unfit to hold elected office and vote accordingly. On the other hand, as Scott Brown makes plain during the interview, the election is about much more than his opponent’s ancestral heritage.

“This election’s about the economy. Jobs and the economy. And I am not going to be raising taxes, I want to address our debt. I don’t want more regulations,” he said. “I’m not a jobs destroyer like Professor Warren wants to be.”

Update: Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren will debate four times before Election Day. This outta be fun!