Here We Go Again: Gov. Chris Christie Blasts Hapless Constituent

Posted: Dec 07, 2011 1:05 PM

In a new viral video emanating from the Garden State, Governor Chris Christie grilled a constituent with characteristic flair at a town hall meeting in West New York, NJ. After a perfunctory warning to his fellow New Jerseyans not to waste his time with irrelevant issues, a gentleman stood up and boldly asked a “procedural question” – that is, does the governor or his staff plant questions at town hall meetings. Citing a specific example, the man asserted that at a previous forum earlier this year, Christie reportedly gave a lengthy and premeditated response to a question proposed by one of his alleged woman supporters. This, of course, was the only shred of evidence the gentleman could produce to corroborate his suspicions.

Christie, who was clearly astounded by the accusation, explained that having participated in more than seventy town hall meetings he had no recollection of the incident. He further suggested that simply because he answered a constituents’ inquiry in excessive detail – he emphatically denied all charges of betraying the public’s trust – the notion that the Christie administration was now planting questions at town hall meetings was an absurdly asinine inference and a waste of his valuable time.

When the gentleman attempted to gain control of the argument, however, Christie parted with a remarkably caustic rhetorical question: “If I plant questions,” he said. “Why the hell did I call on you?”

(H/T Mediaite)