The Results Are in: Pfizer’s Clinical Trial with Young Adults

Posted: Mar 31, 2021 1:45 PM
The Results Are in: Pfizer’s Clinical Trial with Young Adults

Source: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

It's possible that teens and pre-teens may be able to go back to school this fall vaccinated. Pfizer has released the results of clinical trial on young adults aged 12 to 15. Albeit it was a small study, but it was extremely successful. As in 100 percent successful. 

In a study of 2,260 volunteers, "preliminary data showed there were no cases of COVID-19 among fully vaccinated adolescents compared to 18 among those given dummy shots," Pfizer reported, according to the Associated Press.

The subjects experienced the same side effects as adults, including pain, fever, chills and fatigue.

"We share the urgency to expand the use of our vaccine,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said in a statement. He expressed “the hope of starting to vaccinate this age group before the start of the next school year” in the United States. 

As of now, Pfizer is only approved for individuals 16 and up.

With the encouraging results, Pfizer and BioNTech plan to ask the Food and Drug Administration for approval within the coming weeks.

There are currently three FDA approved coronavirus vaccines: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. J&J is the only one that requires only one dose. 

Moderna is also planning to conduct a study of 12 to 17-year-olds.