Dem Lawmaker Urges Biden to Take Back His Oil Comments

Posted: Oct 23, 2020 2:40 PM
Dem Lawmaker Urges Biden to Take Back His Oil Comments

Source: AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

Democratic nominee Joe Biden caused quite a bit of outrage when he told voters at Thursday night's presidential debate that he plans to "transition" the U.S. away from the oil industry. 

“I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” Biden told Trump. “Because the oil industry pollutes significantly." He then went on to say that he would out of the oil industry by eliminating subsidies for oil companies

President Trump pounced on that statement, noting that that meant that Biden is going to "destroy" the oil industry. 

"Will you remember that Texas?" Trump asked. "Will you remember that, Pennsylvania?"

That includes Democrat Rep. Kendra Horn (D-OK), who tweeted on Friday that she disagrees with the former vice president on this issue. She explained why we must "stand up" for the oil and gas industry.

"Doing what’s right for Oklahoma often means standing up to party leadership," Rep. Horn wrote in a subsequent tweet. "Whether I’m fighting for our public schools or speaking out for our energy industry, I’ll always take a thoughtful, bipartisan approach that puts Oklahoma first."

The Biden campaign tried to do some damage control and released a statement to clarify that the nominee was talking specifically about ending oil and gas subsidies

"We're not getting rid of fossil fuels, we're getting rid of subsidies for fossil fuels," Biden told reporters after the debate.

Hm. Not exactly what he said last night.

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